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MINYMare Island Navy Yard (US Navy; California)
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Film, TV, sound-recording and other media production are, in addition to garment manufacturing, the core components of the MiNY Campus strategy.
Another moment that delighted me (in the manner one finds someone tripping funny) is when Chan's character JC is at a fork in the road during a chase scene and decides to figure out what way to go by saying "eenie meenie miny moe, this is the way I've got to go".
So they rely on other cues - like political affiliations, pleasing names and who knows what else." - At Election Time, It's "Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Vote"
"To parody an old rhyme: Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe, Cost accounting techniques grow, More confounding, more prolific, Not much use - but scientific!"
Mae'r defnydd o dafodiaith yn ambell i gerdd yn ychwanegu at flas y pridd, sydd mor amlwg yn ei waith: Dwi ishe mynd lan i ben miny Pan fo'r owyr yn eitha clir Y gwynt yn whibanu'n fy nghlustie A'r houl yn cusanu'r tir.
Table 1 demonstrates a rule-based decision scheme which accepts the coordinates of the MBR (minx, minY, maxX, maxY) as input and generates a corresponding classification as output using a similarity measure.
"Eenie, meenie, miny, mo," Eva Preston said happily, hugging everyone in turn as she headed for the door.
He had a busy finale, didn't he, primarily saving his own hide and issuing pardons: eeny meeny miny mo, Marc Rich yes, Leonard Peltier no.
He's such a Meanie he probably calls his family Eeny, Miny and Mo.
But in Hawaii--except for the harmless, earthwormlike Brah- miny blind snake, which was introduced to the state from Asia--there are no terrestrial snakes.
Camera (color), Philippe Lesourd; editor, Yvon Lemiere; music, Robert Miny; costumes, Laurence Lapoyade, Valentine Breton de Lois; sound, Laurent Zeilig; associate producer, Benedicte Lesage.