MIOSModeling Inter-Organizational Systems (workshop)
MIOSMaritime Intelligence Organization Study
MIOSMulti-Institutional Osteosarcoma Study (chemotherapy study)
MIOSModular Input/Output System
MIOSMarine Invertebrates of Scandinavia
MIOSMember of the Institute of Swimming (Amateur Swimming Association)
MIOSMaintain Item of Supply (US DoD)
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Yes, Alabin was giving a dinner on glass tables, and the tables sang, Il mio tesoro--not Il mio tesoro though, but something better, and there were some sort of little decanters on the table, and they were women, too," he remembered.
How she is singing today!" And suddenly the whole world centered for him on anticipation of the next note, the next phrase, and everything in the world was divided into three beats: "Oh mio crudele affetto."...
'Say, Professore Mio, a poor gentleman waiting to do homage to elegance and beauty,' remarked Blandois.
'Or say, Cattivo Soggetto Mio,' returned Gowan, touching the painted face with his brush in the part where the real face had moved, 'a murderer after the fact.
`no es sino un hombre sobre un as no pardo como el mio, que
`Caro mio,' quoth she when last we parted, `I shall be near thee in the wars, and thy danger will be my danger.' Alleyne, as God is my help, as I came up the stairs this night I saw her stand before me, her face in tears, her hands out as though in warning--I saw it, Alleyne, even as I see those two archers upon their couches.
"That is all very fine, Benedetto mio, but I know what I am saying.
MiOS and its Vera branded consumer line of products will continue to operate under existing brands as part of the eZLO Innovation family, and eZLO plans to invest further in the products and platforms currently under development.
The objective of this wild ride was to conduct maritime interdiction operation (MIO) training against a ship suspected of carrying illegal cargo.
Son ya, de hecho, mios, y los cuido y quiero como a tantos que he comprado.
This actually means that only one of the almost 300 French manuscripts containing epics--the Oxford version of the Chanson de Roland--has been compared repeatedly with the sole complete survivor of a Spanish epic poem--the Poema de Mio Cid.
"Joining the EnOcean Alliance is an exciting development for us," said Lew Brown, President of MiOS. "Our customers understand the environmental and lifecycle cost impact that can be obtained by going batteryless and that is exactly what the EnOcean protocol delivers.