MIPAAMadrid International Plan of Action on Ageing
MIPAAMember of the Institute of Public Administration Australia
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The MIPAA offers an agenda for handling the issue of ageing in the 21st century, focussing on three priority areas: older persons and development; advancing health and well-being into old age; and ensuring enabling and supportive environments.
In contributing to the review of the MIPAA, the report highlights three areas of particular concern for older people in Eastern Europe and Central Asia:
The activity began with the creation and adoption of an African Plan of Action in the field of aging as part of the implementation of the MIPAA (Madrid International Plan of Action on Aging).
(128) The Madrid International Plan of Action on Aging (MIPAA) of 2002 was the outcome of the 2nd World Conference on Ageing held in Madrid.
Ms Whitfield said: "In the past few years, leading up to the 40th anniversary, MIPAA has been transformed into a respected, professional organisation, with a key focus on helping our members to work more effectively, particularly in supporting their journalistic colleagues.