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MIPCMobile Imaging and Printing Consortium
MIPCMercer Island Presbyterian Church (Mercer Island, WA)
MIPCManchester Institute for Popular Culture (UK)
MIPCMichigan Invasive Plant Council
MIPCModular Imperfect Coverage
MIPCMaster Ice Protection Control
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MIPC said that when media practitioners go out of line, libel laws can be invoked by any injured party.
Gobind announced the formation of MIPC when launching HLX, Malaysia's first innovation exchange, here, today.
MIPC's ratings are tied to those of Russia's city of Moscow, its controlling shareholder, and take into account its strong operational and strategic linkages with the city.
Together with IrSimple, MIPC provides implementation guidelines for mobile phones using Bluetooth, Infrared, Wi-Fi, Memory Cards and USB (PictBridge) for home and kiosk printers.
Any products that follow the MIPC technical guidelines will work with each other in that applicable technology, the company added.
PFP shops with these traditional solvent machines could be adversely affected through the loss/decrease of their wholesale business." Mobile phone leaders join MIPC to drive cameraphone printing standards
The Mobile Imaging and Printing Consortium (MIPC) expect most people will use existing technologies such as Bluetooth and memory cards to output images.
Central to the more recent developments in the study of youth culture are the works of British scholar Angela McRobbie, and of Steve Redhead and his (former) affiliates from the Manchester Institute of Popular Culture (MIPC)--two distinct schools of thought on the rave subcultural phenomenon.
The MiPC Program for productive development aims to incorporate new components and implementation activities that will continue and deepen the national policy of digital, economic and social inclusion
The purpose of this workshop was to discuss the role of such predefined knowledge and coordination in multiagent systems, and to provide a venue for research on novel models and algorithms that specifically address multiagent interaction without prior coordination (MIPC).