MIPCDMeridian Integrated Personal Call Director (Nortel)
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The analysis of Quitline calls, counseling sessions, and smoking behavior used to program data from each state's MIPCD MDS.
States provided Medicaid fee-for-service claims and managed care encounters data for incentive and control group participants for 2 years before entry into the MIPCD program and 1 to 3 years after entry into the program.
We tested for changes in smoking cessation service use and smoking behavior using the MIPCD MDS.
In the claims-based multivariate analyses, we adjusted for age, sex, race, ethnicity, reason for Medicaid eligibility in the year before enrolling in the MIPCD program, total months enrolled in Medicaid (defined as number of months the enrollee was in the Medicaid claims data file), whether the beneficiary was continuously enrolled in Medicaid (defined as whether a beneficiary is enrolled in Medicaid for every month starting when the beneficiary first enters the study period through exit from the dataset), and whether the beneficiary was also enrolled in Medicare (dually eligible).
MIPCD programs showed varied success at reducing smoking (Figure 1).