MIPEXMigrant Integration Policy Index (European Union)
MIPEXMessage Based Industrial Property Information Exchange (EU)
MIPEXModel Improvement Experiment
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Sweden, first in the MIPEX ranking for its integration policies, provides a good case study on this precise point.
An estimated 64% of the non-EU citizens became permanent residents in Slovakia, which is similar to the results in the Czech Republic (MIPEX, 2013).
For example, the previously cited MIPEX report concluded that the most significant factors determining the educational attainment of migrant pupils are their parents' educational background, their language skills, the composition of their school, and the general structure and quality of the country's education system (Bilgili et al., 2015).
(83.) For an analysis of MIPEX see Andrew Geddes, Relationships Between Research and Policy on Migration in the European Union: A Practice-based Analysis, Working Paper No.
The proven credibility of the MIPEX indicators and methodology made it the main data source for comparative analysis between the integration facts and figures defining Romania's performances vs.
Table 3 shows the results of the TSCS regression model without MIPEX, unemployment, and violent incidents.
In assessing Moldova s policy and legislative measures in the area of promoting migrant integration, the MIPEX study highlights the fact that Moldova is one of the few OSCE participating States to have adopted a special law to facilitate the integration of migrants.
Finally, related to the influence of migratory policy approximated by MIPEX, we find a significant attraction effect on foreign population.
The Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX), which compares integration policies, finds Sweden to be the most generous of the 34 countries assessed (Canada is ranked third), (2) As we can see in table 1, Sweden comes in first in number of refugees per capita, twice Canada's figure.
Policy Index (MIPEX) methodology, developed by the Migration Policy Group.
Romania is also a few steps ahead of Bulgaria when it comes to integration, according to a survey by the British Council's Mi-grant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX).