MIPGMedical Image Processing Group (University of Pennsylvania)
MIPGMold-in-Place Gasketing (Dow Corning Corp.)
MIPGModified Implantable Pulse Generator (stimulation)
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There was none or minimal MIPG across the conduit valves in 10 (66%) patients.
peripheral pulmonary stenosis) and it should be used cautiously in patients in whom high post-operative RV pressure is anticipated.18 Our results showed an increase in MIPG from 30-50 mmHg at supravalvular region over a period of 18 months (min=12, max=24) in two patients.
ODHNER, SNARK93: A Programming System for Image Reconstruction from Projections, The Medical Imaging Processing Group (MIPG), Department of Radiology, University of Pennsylvania, Technical Report MIPG198, 1993.