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MIPMAPMultum in Parvo Mapping
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This value is then used to fill in the gaps in the closest mipmap level.
These parameters are the resampling filters, first of all, followed by the mipmap power and downsampling ratios for the foreground and background layers.
For the results to be relevant, JPEG2000 lossless compression was used and the resulting foreground and background layers were kept at original image sizes (mipmap level to return is zero).
The following is a piece of code that initializes the texture and provides mipmap support for the ETC (KTX) compression format:
Providing mipmap support for PVRTC textures was a bit trickier.
After loading an S3TC texture file, determining the format, and reading past the header, mipmap support takes place.
Surface sharing between OpenCL and OpenGL does not currently support mipmaps and native mipmap support is a separate OpenCL extensioncl_khr_mipmap_image.
An artist's rare perspective of the game industry is revealed, with chapters linking the artistic process to game potentials, covering methods for improving artistic skills through studying and reading reference images, and providing insights on specific game techniques from mipmaps and fill rates to lighting per-pixel.