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MIPSMillion Instructions Per Second
MIPSMerit-Based Incentive Payment System (Medicare)
MIPSMultiband Imaging Photometer for Spitzer (IR camera for NASA's Spitzer Telescope)
MIPSMultidirectional Impact Protection System (bicycle helmets)
MIPSMicroprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages
MIPSMeaningless Indication of Processor Speed
MIPSMillions of Instructions per Second
MIPSMcafee Intrusion Protection Solutions
MIPSMultichannel Interface Processor
MIPSMicrocomputer Image Processing System
MIPSMunich Information Center for Protein Sequences
MIPSMaterial Input Per Service (sustainability unit)
MIPSMaryland Industrial Partnerships
MIPSMonthly Income Preferred Shares (financial product developed in 1993)
MIPSMega Instructions Per Second
MIPSMeaningless Information Per Second
MIPSMenards Infiniti Pro Series (auto racing)
MIPSMember of the Institute of Professional Sound (UK)
MIPSMedical Image Perception Society
MIPSMaster Integrated Program Schedule
MIPSMultimission Image Processing Subsystem
MIPSMultimedia Information Presentation System
MIPSMarine Integrated Personnel System
MIPSMaintenance Index Page
MIPSModified Integrated Program Summary
MIPSMaritime Integrated Air and Missile Defense Planning System
MIPSMir Interface to Payload Systems
MIPSMacedonian Interbank Payment System
MIPSMale Iron Pipe Size (pipe threading)
MIPSMembrane Interface Probe System
MIPSMarine Corps Integrated Personnel System
MIPSMulti-Instruction Processing System
MIPSMaritime Integrated Personnel System
MIPSMaster Installment Purchase System
MIPSMini Interferometric Phase Sensor
MIPSMolecular Imaging Program Aat Stanford
MIPSMorse Intercept Position Simulator
MIPSMinimum Integration Protection System
MIPSMarshall Islands Postal Service
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Wave Computing said the MIPS acquisition is both cash flow positive and accretive.
"Our efforts to work with CMS and congressional leaders to improve MIPS and allow for more meaningful and robust engagement are ongoing," alliance members wrote to MedPAC Chairman Francis J.
where [C.sub.0] (mg/L) and [C.sub.e] (mg/L) are the initial and final concentrations of IM in the solution, respectively; V (L) is the total volume of the solution; and m (g) is the mass of MIPs.
Question: If a practice is paper only, can it still qualify for the MIPS incentive, knowing it will receive zero points in the ACI category?
MACRA requires that each physician's MIPS composite score be posted to the Physician Compare website, along with the physician's score in each of the four performance categories.
MIPS Payment Adjustments--The MIPS composite performance score (CPS) for each eligible clinician would be compared against a MIPS performance threshold.
A system block diagram of the experimental setup that was built and used to detect the MIPS is shown in Figure 2.
MIPS supplied the original brains to the high-powered workstations used by Silicon Graphics International Inc.
Finally, by comparing the MIP profiles of various Salmonella strains under different conditions, the researchers determined that at least three different regulatory genes control the production of several MIPs each.
To illustrate, consider a model with no economies of scale, and assume the cost per MIPS is a constant M plus a random disturbance e.
Juhl replaces the previous CFO Max Strandwitz, who is the current CEO of MIPS.