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MIPTMoscow Institute of Physics and Technology
MIPTMemorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism
MIPTOklahoma City National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism
MIPTMale Iron Pipe Thread
MIPTManaged Internet Protocol Telephony
MIPTManpower Integrated Process Team
MIPTMaterials Integrated Product Team
MIPTMe in Pink Tights (band)
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We noticed an information vacuum in the AI area in Russia, said Chief Analyst of the AI Centre of NTI under the auspices of MIPT Igor Pivovarov.
The researchers from TISNCM and MIPT developed a unique technology for synthesizing thin diamond plates on a diamond substrate and splitting them off to mass-produce ultrathin converters.
This data is sourced from the RAND Corporation's MIPT database (which has now been replaced by the RDWTI) for the period 1968 to 2006.
(1) My reason for using the MIPT data to document the extent of fatalities in Iraq and Afghanistan is because the NCTC had removed both the international and significant qualifiers in 2007, making the goal of distinguishing the impact of either qualifier separately unachievable from the NCTC report alone.
Data come from the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism (MIPT), "Terrorism Knowledge Base," accessed at <http://www.tkb.org/Home.jsp>.
(67.) MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base, Mahdi Army, http://www.tkb.org/Group.jsp?groupID=4437.
According to the MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base, "The group has not claimed responsibility for any attacks since late 2003, but there is a possibility that the group could reemerge given the current political climate between Japan and the Koreas." Stuart Witchell, Japan Representative for intelligence and investigation consultancy firm International Risk, believes that threats to foreign companies operating in Japan come mainly from right-wing groups.
(103) The National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism (MIPT) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing terrorism and to mitigating its effects.
MEMORIAL INSTITUTE FOR THE PREVENTION OF TERRORISM (MIPT) http://www.terrorisminfo.mipt.org/National-Strategies.asp MIPT gathers data and documents regarding terrorism from various governmental and private sources and makes them available on its website.
(15) "Group Profile: New People's Army", MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base, accessed on 28 March 2007, at http://www.tkb.org/Group.jsp?groupID:203.
This Study was initially funded by a National Institute of Justice (NIJ) grant (1999-2000, Grant #1999-IJCX-0005) and later supported by the Oklahoma City National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism (MIPT) (Grant #106-113-2000-64).