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MIPv6Mobile Internet Protocol Version 6
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Kumar, "MIPv6 protocols: A survey and comparative analysis," Computer Science & Information Technology (CS & IT), vol.
Sus areas de interes son: ingenieria de trafico, enrutamiento, redes moviles IP, MIPv6, HMIPv6, simulacion de redes, Internet, IPv6.
Table 1: Projected System Notations System notation Description LMA New Mobolity Access Gateway P_MAG Previous Mobility Access Gateway BCE Binding Cache Entry u-BCE Update BCE [TD.sub.MN-AP] Transmission delay between the MN and Access Point [TD.sub.AP-MAG] Transmission delay between the Access Point and MAG [TD.sub.MAG-LMA] Transmission delay between MAG and LMA [TD.sub.MAG] Transmission delay between any two MAGs [TD.sub.MN-MAG] Transmission delay between the MN and MAG [TD.sub.DP] Transmission delay of the data packet from source to destination Table 2: Assessment amongst dissimilar IP mobility protocols Protocol MIPv6 KM IPv6 HMIPv6 Criteria Mobility Scope Global Local Local/ Global Location Yes Yes No management Home Required Home Agent Home Agent.
In this case, FMIPv6 again follows the handover procedure of MIPv6 so that the handover latency increases undesirably.
This article is a study that evaluates handoff in mobile communication networks using MIPV6, creating a simulation environment to obtain data using the NS-2 2.31 software with Mobiwan module running on open SUSE 10.2.
As in AAA model Fig.1, there are 4 SA (Security Association) relationships in MIPv6. These SA means two network entities share several secret information with each other.
Bellier, "Hierarchical MIPv6 Mobility Management", draft-soliman-mobileipmipv6-Ol.txt, IETF (2000).
By incorporating mobility mechanisms of Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6), it allows scenarios always-on with mobility functions.
In order to test the work done and demonstrate MIPv6 capabilities, a chat application using IPv6 was developed and a special testbed was setup.
Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) [15] and Fast MIPv6 (FMIPv6) in IMS solve mobility and latency problems.
It may be thought that when all the things are uniquely identified using IPv6 addresses then the things are equipped with all IP protocols like IPSec for security and MIPv6 for mobility.