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MIQMember of the Institute of Quarrying
MIQMachine Intelligence Quotient
MIQMillard Airport, Omaha, Nebraska (airport code)
MIQMultiple Intelligence Quotient (assessment)
MIQMake It Quick
MIQMEASURE (Metrology Automated System for Uniform Recall & Reporting) Interactive Query (computer science)
MIQMary Immaculate Queen School (various locations)
MIQMarket Investigation Questionnaire (US DoD; pre-acquisition questionnaire)
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No caso do MIQ, o padrao e ser "trans", independente de ter realizado a cirurgia de transgenitalizacao.
11 October 2011 - CRISIL said Monday it had set D ratings to the INR50m (USD1m/EUR746,000) cash credit and INR135m term loan of Indian thermo-mechanically treated bars producer MIQ Steels Pvt Ltd.
mIQ's interactive platform and technology will be combined with Vayant's flight search platform to create an interactive user interface that allows users to 'speak' their preferences in order to book a flight via the Internet, on a mobile device or on the phone.
ex Hornem) is widespread in the Far East, where the great nettle (Urtica dioica L) is widespread in Europe; northern tansy (Tanacetum boreale Fisch) is widespread instead of the common tansy (Tanacetum vulgare L), Far-East wild strawberry (Fragaria orientalis Losinsk) instead of European wood strawberry (Fragaria vesca L), Keiskei lily-of-the-valley (Convallaria keiskei Miq) instead of lily-of-the-valley (Convallaria majalis).
Influencia de distintos factores en las posibilidades de propagacion "in vitro" de Microcycas calocoma (Miq.) A.DC.
After any required alignment, track outbound on the MIQ 064 bearing and begin descent from 11,000 feet.
"MIQ is a vast improvement in both the productivity and usability of the MEASURE and METCAL systems."
Results of the current study also suggest that the Minnesota Importance Questionnaire (MIQ; Rounds, Henly, Dawis, & Lofquist, 1981) would be of value in working with Black/African American students.
Table 5 Means and Standard Deviations for the Subscales of the DIQ, CTAI-2, and MIQ R Questionnaire M SD [alpha] DIQ Technique imagery 5.08 1.24 0.85 Goal imagery 4.87 1.46 0.87 Role and movement quality imagery 4.62 1.36 0.83 Mastery imagery 4.22 1.34 0.81 Total 4.69 1.23 CTAI-2 Cognitive anxiety intensity 22.83 5.33 0.81 Cognitive anxiety direction -1.27 10.45 0.84 Somatic anxiety intensity 21.36 5.56 0.84 Somatic anxiety direction -0.18 7.83 0.77 * Self-confidence intensity 21.71 5.11 0.85 Self-confidence direction 8.58 10.35 0.88 MIQ-R Visual kinesthetic ability 5.80 0.90 0.73 Kinesthetic imagery ability 5.59 1.01 0.71 ([dagger]) Note.
recently announced the release of version 2.0 of Mercom Interaction Quality (MIQ).
At the beginning of the course, all participants completed the Memory Improvement Questionnaire (MIQ), which was developed from the categories of responses that had been given to the open-ended question that students had answered in the pilot study (as well as responses by the general audience of Higbee, 2003, Experiment 1).
Appendix 1: Foods Eaten as Kikid by the Lundayeh A.VEGETABLES LUNDAYEH NAME FAMILY SCIENTIFIC NAME Dorey Acanthaceae Justicia obtusa Nees Lindan Keduang Acanthaceae Pseuderanthemum acuminatissimum (Miq.) Radlk.