MIRABMigration, Remittances, Aid and Bureaucracy (model explaining the economies of small island nations)
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A community-based cross-sectional study was conducted in Mirab Abaya district, Gamo Gofa Zone, Southern Ethiopia.
Senior Superintendent Agustin Tello, director of the Maguindanao provincial police, said initial reports from the municipal police only indicated that the Marines were hurt in an explosion along a road in Barangay Mirab. He said the Marines were rushed to the hospital in the Army's Camp Siongco in Datu Odin Sinsuat town.
In this article, the basic structure of the MIRAB model is outlined and studies are reviewed which provide support for it.
"Transnational corporations of kin and the MIRAB system: the case of Tuvalu, Pacific Viewpoint, 31, 1, 63-66.
In the present study, all the required data of the problem are obtained from the Agricultural Organization, Regional Water Company and Mirab Zayanderud Company of Isfahan Province for the cropping year of 2009-2010.
As for the other candidates, the president of the Abkhaz National Security Unit, Aslan Bjania, got 35.91 percent of the vote (35,860 votes), while Abkhaz Defense Minister Mirab KiE-mariya got 6.4 percent and former Abkhaz Interior Minister Leonid DzapE-ba got 3 percent.
The vulnerability of the Samoan economy, and the reliance on aid and remittances, recall the discussion in the 1980s around the MIRAB (Migration, Remittances, Aid, Bureaucracies) model developed by Ray Watters and Geoff Bertram in a 1984 report commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (but unfortunately not published at the time).
Qaisera Parveen and Shafaq Anis were the coordinators, while the participants included Roodha Matiullah, Mirab Tahir, Umm-e- Haram, Azghan Sohail, Laiba Mudasar, Tayeb Jamil, Arooshma Asgher and Falisha Wadood.
He told Pajhwok Afghan News that Mirab's son was a local policeman and Taliban had several times warned his son to quit his police job.
Dewsbury Moor Muslim Association, new mirab extension to front and toilet extension to rear, Mosque, Pilgrim Avenue, Dewsbury Moor, Dewsbury.
The mirab, the water master of the Central Asian societies, was responsible not only for managing an economic resource, but was also responsible for channeling the lifeblood of the society.
He said the "first session had achieved its targets by the Iraqi Women Team, who shared their men competitors, in order to increase their expertise, as 3 of them lost the 1st session." "Today, Monday, is scheduled to witnesse the 4th session in the closed competitions, comprising the best 10 chess players, when the Iraqi Player, Amjad Ali, would confront the Georgian Mirab, an International Champion, whilst the International Player Ahmed Abul-Sattar, would meet the Georgian Alexander Qashvily, along with an Iraqi Player would confront his Armenian Counterpart, Ovik Arbak, whilst the Moroccan Mohammed Taysir would face the Bahraini Hussein Iyad," he added.