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MIRACLEMaking Institutional Repositories a Collaborative Learning Environment (Institute of Museum and Library Services; University of Michigan)
MIRACLEMolecular Imaging Research and Clinic Leuven (University of Leuven; Leuven, Belgium)
MIRACLEMaking In Roads against Cancer's Lasting Effects (Garden City, NY)
MIRACLEMokum's Industrial Research Automatic Calculator for Laboratory and Engineering (Mokum is a nickname of Amsterdam)
MIRACLESSBN Communications Project (US Navy)
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Those multitudes presently began to agitate for another miracle. That was natural.
In those early days Latin was the tongue of the Church, and the Miracle plays were at first said in Latin.
"A great miracle, indeed," said Mazarin; "for, if the news was true, King Charles II., who has just returned amidst benedictions, went away amidst musket-shots."
Yet nothing was farther from his mind than miracles. He believed that all things were one big Miracle, and when a man knows that much he knows something to go upon.
But though a miracle of this kind might have engaged all the
"It is a miracle," I said; it is nothing short of a miracle to transplant all the wondrous possibilities of the twen-tieth century back to the Stone Age.
X said he had not known, before, that there were people honest enough to do this miracle in public, but he was aware that thousands upon thousands of labels were imported into America from Europe every year, to enable dealers to furnish to their customers in a quiet and inexpensive way all the different kinds of foreign wines they might require.
"It was not I who did it, it was love, love for Dejah Thoris, a power that would work greater miracles than this you have seen."
And then if we turn to sacred dramas- what miracles they invent in them!
"In the Court of Miracles," replied a fourth spectre, who had accosted them.
The professor declares that these thaumaturgists have acquired such skill in the art which he learned at their feet that they perform their miracles by simply throwing the
Certainly if miracles be the command over nature, they appear most in adversity.