MIRCIMental Illness Recovery Center, Inc. (Columbia, SC)
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Geoffrey Williams, MIRCI board chair, said the group committed to a strategic plan that identified homeless youth as a growing population in the Midlands.
Department of Health and Human Services, recently granted MIRCI a $200,000 grant for the next three years to fund operations and staffing.
It was MIRCI's 50th conference in the research organization's 20-year history.
Mirci, recorded discussion, September 29, 2013) to recount Saint Paul's letter to the Corinthians (13:4-8, 13):
Mirci, recorded discussion, January 13, 2014), we posed that Catholic doctrine on social justice and the common good may seem out of step in a society that venerates individualism and appears to have little time for caring for its poor and dispossessed.
Mirci, recorded discussion, February 10, 2014), discussed the development of a socially just curriculum:
Mirci, recorded discussion, June 10, 2014) exemplifies the duo-ethnographic principles we used for posing a view and being open to questions and challenges regarding the need for including an emphasis on moral development in our schools:
MIRCI, which bills itself as Canada's feminist scholarly and activist organization on motherhood, launched its inaugural membership drive May 1.
O'Reilly, who now heads MIRCI, is asking former ARM members, supporters and subscribers, as well as others committed to maternal scholarship and activism to make a MIRCI donation on-line.
The first major initiative of MIRCI will be an October conference on mothering and the economy, followed by a February conference on mothering in the 21st century in Portugal.
For information or to make a donation to support MIRCI, see www.motherhoodinitiative.org.