MIRCSMobile Integrated Remains Collection System
MIRCSMassachusetts Instant Record Check System
MIRCSMusic Industry Research, Consulting and Strategy
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The MIRCS and its associated equipment provide a more sanitary environment to mortuary affairs teams, overcoming an existing problem with the current system.
The MIRCS eliminates cumbersome frame tents used with the current mortuary affairs collection point gear, which comprises two 5-ton tractors, a 20-foot refrigerated container, three frame tents, a 10-kilowatt generator, a 30-foot flatbed trailer, 300-gallon water trailer, and 12 sets of camouflage.
One C-17 can transport the MIRCS. The new collection point equipment will consist of one heavy expanded mobility tactical truck (or a similar vehicle with a load handling system), a high mobility multipurpose-wheeled vehicle (to move additional team members), and the MIRCS.
The MIRCS can also be airlifted by a CH-47 Chinook helicopter--a feature not available with current equipment.