MIREAMoscow Institute of Radio-techniques, Electronics and Automation
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Swope, a senior advisor in the Bureau of Consular Affairs (CA), was matched as a mentor with Liana Mirea, a realty specialist in the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations.
Cornel Mirea, 31, Augustin Bornea, 26, Andy Dutescu, 25, and Marian Barbuceanu, 18 - all originally from Romania - were jailed for the scam, which lasted from September 2015 to February this year.
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Lomonosov Moscow State University, and Moscow State University of Information Technologies, Radioengineering and Electronics MIREA, gave the initial impulse to the research described above.
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(2005), DD genotype of ACE gene is a predisposing factor for chronic kidney disease (CKD) terminating nephrotic syndrome in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus, while ACE gene II genotype upon diabetic nephropathy (DN) appears to be a protective one (Shestakova, Nosikov and Vikulova 2007; Azar, Zalloua, Medlej, and Halabi 2001; Boright, Paterson, Mirea, Bull et.
[a] Professor, Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation, Technical University (MIREA), Russia.
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