MIRFSMulti-function Integrated Radio Frequency System (JSF)
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The MIRFS program will demonstrate the electronic agility of the antenna array and the integrated RF electronics necessary to connect with the integrated core processing segments.
The Integrated Sensor System (ISS) demonstration will establish processing algorithms and protocols for any signals from any sensor (including MIRFS) to work in a common processing scheme.
While the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Program Office is busy contemplating avionics such as the Multi-Function Integrated RF System (MIRFS), defense contractors are at the drawing boards chalking futuristic concepts for an ideal 2025 system.
Currently, Hughes and Northrop Grumman are heading separate teams vying to supply the aircraft's Multifunction Integrated RF System (MIRFS).
Nearer to the hearts of EW aficionados is the Multifunction Integrated RF Systems (MIRFS) demonstration, aimed at developing an active multifunction array that could accommodate some combination of radar, EW and CNI requirements.