MIRSAMichigan Intramural-Recreational Sports Association
MIRSAMining Industry Road Safety Alliance (Australia)
MIRSAMulticenter International Randomized Study of Angina Pectoris
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Contrary to previous research (e.g., Mirsa & McKean, 2000; Pierceall & Keim, 2007; Weckwerth & Flynn, 2006), the current study did not present any strong evidence to suggest that men or women experienced any greater (or lesser) appraised stress.
Mirsa's family survived the massacre--executed by the military and the Kaibiles, a Guatemalan special elite force--by fleeing to Campeche, Mexico.
Previous research suggests that consumers opt for plans in their choice set that have lower premiums (Burke, Mirsa, and Sheingold 2014).
This is in agreement with the findings of Barik and Mirsa (1998).
In Mirsa Matrouh, to the northwestern-most of Egypt, the police forces quelled a mass protest organized by the so-called National Alliance for Legitimacy Support (NALS) downtown the city in defiance of the demonstration law.
Outcomes Karyl Mirsa Nieland RPSGT, Scott RRT R.EEC T 12:15pm-2:15pm 12:15pm-2:15pm Lunch In the Exhibit Hall Lunch In the Exhibit 2:15pm-3:15pm Hall Repeat of Lecture Oven at 2:15pm-3:15pm 11:15am Repeat of Lecture Given 3:25pm-4:25pm at 11:15am Pneumothorax & Pleural Effusion 3:25pm-4:25pm Update on Assessment & Tx.
Gregor reported to Shiroky that on January 16, Henry Mirsa, who presented himself as the director of the Egyptian SOGENA Company, came to the trade ministry.
Me dirijo a usted, en ejercicio del derecho de replica, para hacer algunas aclaraciones respecto a la carta titulada Reclama justicia ante la violacion de su hija, firmada por Mirsa Quiroga Garcia y publicada en la seccion Palabra de Lector de Proceso (edicion 1891) del 27 de enero ultimo.
ILLUSTRATOR John Minnion is joining forces with pianist Mirsa Adami to present an evening about Romantic composers Mozart, Clementi, Field and Beethoven.
Culicoides venezuelensis Ortiz & Mirsa, 1950: 137 (male, female, figs.; Venezuela); Wirth, 1955: 234 (= pictipennis Philippi 1865, non Steager, 1839; = ortizi Fox); Forattini, 1957: 463 (redescr.; distrib., figs.); Wirth & Blanton, 1959: 372 (redescr., figs.; Panama); Wirth, 1974: 36 (in catalog species south of USA); Spinelli & Wirth, 1986: 64 (in key, distrib., wing photo); Wirth et al.
El conocimiento de la familia Ceratopogonidae en el Sistema Serrano de Ventania es escaso, solo dos especies han sido registradas: Brachypogon (Brachypogon) bonaerensis Spinelli (Spinelli, 1990) y Culicoides venezuelensis Ortiz & Mirsa (Diaz et al., 2005).