MIRTMobile Infra-Red Transmitter
MIRTMinority International Research Training
MIRTMajor Incident Response Team (UK)
MIRTMulti-Functional Independent Review Team (US Air Force)
MIRTMSP (Major Surface Protease) Intergenic Region RFLP (Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism) Typing (genetics)
MIRTMaximal Increase in Resting Tension (cardiovascular pharmacology)
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They also explored relationships among the content domains with MIRT models, finding evidence of a three-dimensional model with separate dimensions for Planning and Instruction and a combined dimension of Assessment, Reflection, and Academic Language, or "Meta-Reflection.
Callers will be asked for brief details so a MIRT member can call them back at an agreed time.
At a minimum, officials can envision chaotic situations at intersections with multiple MIRT equipped vehicles vying for signal control.
It is of interest to compare this simple result with the results obtained in nonlinear standard MIRT models.
Obtaining research and design documents with the aim to establish a viable and manageable provincial land-use plan and associated planning and carrying permits the MIRT third preferred variant decision for overnight port Lobith.
appropriate examination standards, allowing the estimation of the standards in classical test theory test units or parameters in the theory of IRT and MIRT.
MIRTS expects to expand its membership so additional railroads, truckers and shippers will be involved in the siting process.
MIRTS is currently in production for foreign customers.