MIRTMobile Infra-Red Transmitter
MIRTMinority International Research Training
MIRTMajor Incident Response Team (UK)
MIRTMulti-Functional Independent Review Team (US Air Force)
MIRTMSP (Major Surface Protease) Intergenic Region RFLP (Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism) Typing (genetics)
MIRTMaximal Increase in Resting Tension (cardiovascular pharmacology)
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Mirt was named to the executive board in charge of Near East and Americas regions.
Friedman's ANOVA was used for comparing the BDNF response among different times after Randori and MIRT. The Mann-Whitney test was used to identify differences between times.
"The new millennial drinkers don't have as much brand loyalty," Mirt says.
Mirt: A multidimensional item response theory package for the R Environment.
Bandyopadhyay, "miRT: a database of validated transcription start sites of human MicroRNAs," Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics, vol.
Not only does the data help position our solutions with the dealers success but the dialogue with dealerships has been elevated as well," Mirt said.
They also explored relationships among the content domains with MIRT models, finding evidence of a three-dimensional model with separate dimensions for Planning and Instruction and a combined dimension of Assessment, Reflection, and Academic Language, or "Meta-Reflection."
1971 -- The first issue of the weekly Kuwaiti magazine Mirt Al-Umma (Mirror of the Nation) hits newsstands.
The test is based on multidimensional item response theory (MIRT) [37,38] and one of the subdomains includes 14 suicide items.
Mozambique Fuel choice Logit 4 2010 (charcoal, kerosene, electricity) Chaudhuri and Pakistan Fuel choice Engel curves, 1 Pfaff 2003 (modern fuels, probit traditional fuels) Damte and Koch Ethiopia Lakech ICS, Weibull 2 2011 Mirt ICS regression model, exponential, Koch Edwards and Guatemala Gas ICSs Full 2 Langpap 2005 information maximum likelihood El Tayeb Muneer Sudan ICSs Linear 1 and Mukhtar regression Mohamed 2003 Farsi et al.