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MIRUMeeting on Image Recognition and Understanding
MIRUMother and Infant Research Unit (UK)
MIRUMove In Rig Up
MIRUMagnetohydrodynamic Inertial Reference Unit
MIRUManagement Information and Reporting Unit (University of Tasmania)
MIRUMycobacterium Interspersed Repetitive Units
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En el caso de los 431 aislados, se observaron valores similares en las tasas de agrupamiento para 12inv y 15 loci, siendo de 52% para MIRU y de 46% para MIRU VNTR acoplado a espoligotipaje.
The Central Election Commission made the decision on April 10 to test the Miru equipment, CEC Vice Chairperson Gulnara Jurabayeva told AKIpress.
ze akce NATO nebyla RB OSN oznacena jako ohrozeni ci poruseni miru nebo utocny cin, na ktery by OSN mela reagovat.
At namesti Miru, enticingly named booths like "Rose tearoom" and "Herbal Soap House" reveal what you can expect to find at this market.
The temperature cycles for different types of PCRs were as follow: 35 cycles of 1 min at 94 [drgees]C, annealing temperatures were used as follow: 61, 60, 64, 67, 65, 64, 61, 64, 58, 63, 62 and 64 for MIRU loci 2, 4, 10, 16, 20, 23, 24, 26, 27, 31, 39 and 40, respectively.
Analysis of HGDI average values in methods included in more than one publication shows that 15-loci MIRU presents the highest discrimination power (0.
Miru is the Japanese for "look", something there will be no shortage of when you drive about town in this little beauty.
Al respecto, cuando le pregunte a Miru Puu si en su lengua existia el concepto mito, me respondio:
Michael Jobling stocks Miru Miru, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Merlot, all at 10% discount this weekend.
2, January 15, 1946, reprinted in Shimizu Isao, Manga ni miru 1945 nen, pp.
USA), Smartmatic (the Netherlands), PARK & OPC (South Korea), Miru (South Korea), MER Group (Israel).
Operace Organizace spojenych narodu na udrzeni miru (UN peacekeeping operations), definovane jako "perace zahrnujici vojensky personal, avSak bez donucovacich pravomoci, podniknute Spojenymi narody, aby pomohly udrzet nebo obnovit mezinarodni mir a bezpecnost v oblastech konfliktu," (1) patri v odborne literature k pomerne frekventovanym tematum.