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MIRVMultiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicle (aka Multiple Independently Targeted Reentry Vehicle)
MIRVMultiple Independent Reentry Vehicle
MIRVMajor Item Requisition Validation
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More importantly, MIRVs are only useful with nuclear weapons.
In 2002, China successfully tested its first MIRV -- to offset the advantage the US enjoyed with its American National Missile Defence System.
MIRV (the man) was the guitar player for the Limbo's, but later on he formed MIRV (the band), which I played in for most of the '90s.
The nuclear arms race between the USA and USSR had been brought to the hair-trigger stage, by the introduction of MIRV ed missiles, which could destroy enemy missiles in their silos.
It is equipped with the MIRV capabilities, which means the missile carries a number of independently targetable warheads capable of penetrating any missile-defence system.
Hidden deep within her massive pressure hull are 24 Trident II D5 MIRV missiles, each capable of bringing multiple targets under accurate nuclear attack.
missile designers developed the concept of placing multiple warheads on each ICBM giving rise to the term multiple independently-targeted re-entry vehicle or MIRV.
Beijing has had difficulty reducing the size of its warheads, and may find it difficult to build MIRV systems that are light enough for its missiles to carry.
WARHEAD: Eight to 12 MK-5 RV or 14 150-kT MIRV or 7,300-kT MARV
National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People's Republic of China (Cox Committee) concluded in 1999 that, with "aggressive development of a MIRV system," China could deploy "upwards of 1,000 thermonuclear warheads on ICBMs by 2015.
US information acquired by the Chinese could help them develop a MIRV for a future mobile missile.
For example, the development of a relatively small thermonuclear warhead in 1953 was the necessary intermediate step that made long-range ballistic missiles possible, and the construction of an operational "bus" mechanism was the key engineering development necessary for MIRV systems.