MISARMicroprocessed Sensing and Automatic Regulation
MISARMiniaturized Synthetic Aperture Radar (aerospace engineering)
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Diwan Mohkam Chand, Misar Diwan Chand, Diwan Dhanpat Rai and Pandit Lal Kaul etc.
Some were Sindhanwalia, Sardar Lehna Singh Majithia, AttariwalaSardars, JamadarKhushhal Singh and Misar Diwan Chand, each commanded a division.
A Misar rescue worker during the 2016 Pidie Jaya Aceh Earthquake Relief Operation in Indonesia, Lai said taking part in such activities were dangerous and even deadly.
THE search for people who knew Austrian Olga Misar has brought in a new clue.
MPAs Maulana Asmatullah, Abdul Sattar Khan and Zar Gul Khan, DIG Hazara Maulana Karimdad Khan, Head Pattan Action Committee Misar Khan, DC
He migrated to the Egypt Misar and resided in Maniyya bin Haseeb territory.
Blato and Knezeves are located in the Elbe and Vltava-Beroun regions of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin (Misar et al., 1983).
(15) "[...] Se sirva la Capellania los ornamentos siguientes: un caliz e una patena de plata e un palio e corporales e un arca, e bestimenta de Olanda, dos candeleros de azofar, una sobrepelliz, una campanilla, un crucifijo, un misar e un arca donde esta todo".
Six years ago, Salab Misar, a Sana'ani tribal leader, tried to build a home near Sana'a's Sixty Meter Street in the city's Hadda neighborhood, near Misbahi roundabout.
(81) Muhammad Syed Tantavi, Al Tafsir al Wasit li al-Quran al-Karim (Cairo: Nahdhat Misar li taba'at wa al nashr, 1997), vol.
The rally was led by Divisional Chairman All Pakistan Wapda Hydro Electric Workers Misar Khan.
Once she is inside the lock, crews from Uptonbased water rescue organisation Mercia Inshore Search and Rescue (MISAR) and expert divers from British Divers Marine Life Rescue will leap into action and attempt to remove her from the water.