MISBMarket & Industry Services Branch (Canada)
MISBMint in Sealed Box
MISBMotion Imagery Standards Board
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6 (individual weights) in order to obtain values ranging from 0 to 100; (5) in this last step the values of each metric are summed to obtain a final score for the MISB.
A validation test of the MISB sensitivity was conducted in 11 sites located in the altitudinal gradient, judged to be representative of the degradation gradient.
The sum of scores obtained for each metric resulted in the MISB final score, which was divided in five quality classes: Severely Impaired, Impaired, Regular, Good and Excellent (Table 3).
For the test of the MISB was performed a Principal Components Analysis (PCA) on environmental variables (altitude, mean width, water temperature, pH, Conductivity, Total-P, Total-N, NH3-N, C1-, Total Alkalinity, % Urban upstream area, %Forested upstream area, mean width of riparian cover, and RCE index).
The faculty at MISB has decades of teaching and corporate experience and all this brought to the same table gives the students a lot of opportunity and guidance to grow.
Because of the group's extensive use of MTNs, scheduled annual maturities are substantial relative to its cash flow generated from operations, hence exposing MISB to significant liquidity risk.
AMPL is wholly-owned by MISB and is the latter's sole operating subsidiary.
For FY2007, MISB maintained satisfactory headroom in respect of the financial covenants contained in its rated facilities.
The rating on MISB is currently under pressure and could be lowered if the group's cash flow profile does not improve sufficiently in the near-term and operating cash flow generation remains below expectations.
I believe we have achieved what we had set out to with the MISB National Business Quiz.
MISB Bocconi is a leading International Business School based in Mumbai, granting post graduate management education to meet the career aspirations of top students and the needs of a changing global environment.
8220;I believe the MISB National Business Quiz is a good way to test the best business brains among Indian students; and for the winners, visiting Bocconi University at Milan, Italy will be an educational and very memorable experience.