MISCAMichigan Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association (est. 1954)
MiSCAMichigan Scholastic Cycling Association
MISCAMinneapolis-Ibaraki Sister City Association
MISCAManagement Information Systems and Computer Applications (degree)
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We have seen the MISCA and (the French troops) try to restore security here, but they have failed.
In a presidential statement adopted during the meeting, the Security Council welcomed the EU's strong engagement in CAR, notably its humanitarian assistance, its financial contribution to the deployment of MISCA, as well as the decision to establish a temporary operation to support MISCA.
The United States has also provided assistance to strengthen MISCA and humanitarian aid to address the dire humanitarian situation in CAR.
This transfer of authority represents a complete success of the MISCA mandate and the start of military and police action by MINUSCA in Central African Republic," the UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon said in New York.
The spokesman for the African Union peacekeeping force MISCA said a Chadian peacekeeper had died of his wounds after an attack on a patrol on Thursday.
Ambassador Gerard Araud said at the United Nations that the French troops would restore law and order until an African Union force of 3,600 troops -- known as MISCA -- was fully operational.
The combined action of the African force MISCA and the French operation Sangaris is essential to contain the tension and to restore public order as soon as possible.
During her visit, Pillay plans to meet CAR's interim president Catherine Samba-Panza, representatives of the African Union, the Economic Community of Central African States and the European Union, as well as the head of the African Union peace-keeping forces MISCA, and commanders of both MISCA and the French military forces, the spokesman said.
The African Union plans in coming days to boost MISCA to about 5,200 men, with a longer-term goal of deploying 6,000 soldiers on the ground.
She was to urge the nation's leaders to back the UN-mandated stabilisation force known as MISCA as it disarms militias and to "explore every avenue to ensure proper and full implementation" of a roadmap towards elections in 2015.
The bulk of MISCA, which should total some 3,600 men at full strength, is provided by Chad, with troops from Gabon, Cameroon, the Republic of Congo and Equatorial Guinea.
The United States has committed up to $100 million to transport, equip, and train MISCA troops and to assist French forces supporting MISCA.