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MISDMillions of Instructions per Second (computing)
MISDMultiple Instruction Single Data
MISDMesquite Independent School District
MISDMacomb Intermediate School District (Clinton Township, MI)
MISDMercer Island School District
MISDMultiple Instruction Stream, Single Data Stream
MISDModern Information System Design (Jordan)
MISDManagement Information Systems Directorate
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One type of system that fits the description of an MISD computer is a systolic array, which is a network of small computing elements connected in a regular grid.
The MISD conducts functional testing and assessments of GCCS and ensures that tasks outlined in Joint Vision 2010 are satisfied.
Eighty three entries were received, representing students from each of the seven MISD high schools, including MISD's newest high school, Lake Ridge, which will open this fall.
Abner Cabriales of MISD - Legacy High School in Mansfield, Texas was another Honorable Achievement recipient.
Lucerne[R] "The Art of Dairy"[TM] Contest Finalists Abigail Mota - La Mirada High School - La Mirada, CA Abner Cabriales - MISD Legacy High School - Mansfield, TX Alicia Anne Woodward - Rochester High School - Rochester, WA Amelia Chen - St.
As the MISD expanded and added sites, it needed to expand its network to reach them, which meant either laying its own fiber or leasing expensive circuits from carriers.
Located about 35 miles east of downtown Dallas, MISD encompasses 55 square miles in Dallas County.
When faced with the choice of continuing to pay service providers or installing its own fiber and network equipment, the MISD decided to move from multiple leased data circuits to its own Gigabit Ethernet network in order to meet growing bandwidth demands.
An indefatigable healthcare professional, Walsh is currently an MISD staff nurse for special education students who need individual care due to their medically fragile condition.
MISD will endeavor to provide responses and clarifications on to such questions on or about May 20, 2016.
It will be renewable for two successive one (1) year periods upon the same terms and conditions at the discretion of MISD, subject to funding and Board approval.
MISD will enter into an electricity contract beginning January 1, 2015.