MISFMicrosoft Internet Security Framework
MISFMultiple Investment Sinking Fund
MISFMatrix Isopotential Synchronous Fluorescence (spectrofluorimetry measuring tool)
MISFMultiple Independent Spike Foci (electroencephalograms)
MISFManagement Information Security Forum
MISFMiscellaneous Intelligent Service Fee (travel)
MISFMiscellaneous Interim Storage Facility
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To test the validity of the proposed MISF method, we performed quantitative spectrophotometric and fluorimetric measurements of fecal porphyrins, as proposed by Lockwood et al.
2), whereas MISF spectroscopy provides a simple method to selectively detect a fluorescent compound in the presence of another strongly interfering one.
MISF spectra can be plotted in either the three-dimensional (Fig.
First-derivative MISF spectra for coproporphyrin and protoporphyrin added in various concentrations to 1.
We compared the proposed MISF method with conventional spectrophotometry (5) and fluorimetry (6).
Similarly, we compared the MISF method and conventional fluorimetry (Fig.
The absorbance, fluorescence excitation, and MISF spectra of a fecal specimen from a pregnant woman analyzed by these three methods are shown in Fig.
The derivative MISF signals of the samples were then measured.
MISF spectrometry is a useful technique for resolving mixtures with badly overlapping spectra.