MISILManagement Information System for International Logistics
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ROE and ROA of MISIL holds an upward trend in last 4 years and settled at 29.
While it may be true that scrips like Engro Powergen have attracted attention of small investors and the IPO was oversubscribed but one should do proper home work before subscribing MISIL.
Testing of the load, reconciliation, and report creation within MISIL will take place between June 10th and 22nd.
SYSCOM performed independent testing of the STARS to MISIL interfaces in the month of July 2009.
Annually, MISIL processes about 120,000 transactions valued at approximately $4 billion, primarily under initial spares, CLSSA or DRP cases.
Once the QDR is completed , the information is written to the SDR Oracle database and processed into MISIL.
The MISIL Information Warehouse is a powerful internet database application that allows the FMS customer full access to requisition and financial information.
Future plans include a hyperlink on the Navy International Programs web site to the WWRS web site allowing customers throughout the world to identify material available through the WWRS program and then input their requirements directly via the web to MISIL using the Navy International Programs Directorate eBusiness Suite.