MISQManagement Information Systems Quarterly
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Reviewer's reasons for rejection of the article--Pertinent excerpts from the review: "The manuscript currently addresses business communication specialists, of which there are few among the MISQ readership.
Because case research is a form of research that MISQ readers today would recognize and readily consider acceptable, I therefore strongly urge the author to reframe his or her research design as one of a case study.
To address the current body of IS [information systems] research would increase the manuscript's interest in the eyes of the MISQ readership.
The top-rated journals appear to be MISQ, ISR, MS, and CACM, according to mean and median.
For example, MISQ and CACM, two of the top journals, were also rated more often than any other publications.
Scholarly publications include papers in MISQ, JAIS, Information & Management and Database, among others.
He has published in journals such as Management Science, MISQ, Organization Science, Communications of the ACM, and in more specific journals of HCI such as IJHCS, Behavior and Information Technology, Computers in Human Behavior and IEEE Transactions.
There are seventy-five papers using survey as main research methodology, in which thirty-two were from IJIM, twenty-seven were from JMIS and sixteen were from MISQ.
The SMA of the studies of JMIS is higher quality than IJIM and MISQ.