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MISSAMetchosin International Summer School of the Arts (Canada)
MISSAManagement Information Systems Student Association
MISSAMarshall Islands Social Security Administration (est. 1990; Majuro, Marshall Islands)
MISSAManpower Information Systems Support Activity (USMC)
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By then, the Missa Solemnis had enormously outgrown its originally conceived size.
Sao eles: o viatico, as exequias ou a encomendacao da alma, a missa de setimo dia e o luto.
Pre-Vatican II, English-speaking Catholics did sing a limited number of songs in the vernacular--either sandwiched into the missa lecta or associated with particular devotions (e.
Missa: WASSA Agro-Group goes back to the 1950s, when my father Ahmed Missa left his hometown Agadir to do business in Casablanca.
Missa Johnouchi creates Asian-style New Age music and is known to present and direct her own musical works, aiming to convey a 'peace of the heart' message and a 'testimony of respect'.
Renowned Japanese conductor and composer Missa Johnouchi, was designated UNESCO Artist for Peace by former UNESCO Director-General KoE[macron]chiro Matsuura at a ceremony at the Teikoku Hotel in Tokyo on 21 August 2006.
The OGDC is in cent percent possession of 23 oil fields including Chandna, Thora, Pasakhi, Chauk Naurang, Fimkasar, Nandpur Punjpir, Uch, Daru, Tando Alam, Sono, Lashari, Dakhni, Sadkal, Missa Kiswal, Pirkoh, Kunnar, Bobi, Kal, Dhodak, Missan, Loti, Mela and Qadirpur In addition to this 13 OGDC is working on 13 oil fields as a joint venture with other exploring companies.
Like all self-confessed unbelievers dealing with Beethoven, he gets the Missa Solemnis wrong, exaggerating its doctrinal heterodoxy.
Geophysical modeling of a part of Potwar at Missa Keswal (Qazian Anticline) has been carried out in the present work (Fig.
Grace Williams' Missa Cambrensis is well-known among Welsh classical music fans - even though few have ever heard the actual piece.
Tal como se lee en su libro de conversaciones, Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) queria escribir una Missa pro defunctis, pero la muerte se le aparecio antes de lo previsto y con ordenes perentorias.
In 1733 Bach set the Kyrie and Gloria movements (referred to as a Missa) as an offering to the new elector of Saxony, Friedrich August II, submitting the performance parts for the Missa along with a petition requesting a title at the elector's court.