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MISSEMaterials International Space Station Experiment
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The person who had been called Misse Cassy now came forward, and, with a haughty, negligent air, delivered her basket.
'perhaps you know, my dears, of a drawing-master that I can recommend?' The three young Misses all look at each other, and then say (with the indispensable great O to begin) "O, dear no, Papa!
Pesca, and I will give you the necessary extract from my friend's letter.' Down sits the man of merchandise and money to his pen, ink, and paper; and down I go once again into the Hell of Dante, with my three young Misses after me.
Four guineas a week, and, more than that, the charming society of two young misses! and, more than that, your bed, your breakfast, your dinner, your gorging English teas and lunches and drinks of foaming beer, all for nothing--why, Walter, my dear good friend--deuce-what-the-deuce!--for the first time in my life I have not eyes enough in my head to look, and wonder at you!"
At last, one day, I meet the Misses Nettingalls' establishment out walking.
I am not at all polite, now, to the Misses Nettingalls' young ladies, and shouldn't dote on any of them, if they were twice as many and twenty times as beautiful.
I know the Misses Osborne were excellent critics of a Cashmere shawl, or a pink satin slip; and when Miss Turner had hers dyed purple, and made into a spencer; and when Miss Pickford had her ermine tippet twisted into a muff and trimmings, I warrant you the changes did not escape the two intelligent young women before mentioned.
Smithie, and the Misses Smithie,' was the next announcement.
Miss Bulder was warmly welcomed by the Misses Clubber; the greeting between Mrs.
"You know his weakness for balls, and he never misses a single court ball.
"Miss Ingram is mine, of course," said he: afterwards he named the two Misses Eshton, and Mrs.
"What is she like?" inquired the Misses Eshton, in a breath.