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MISSEMaterials International Space Station Experiment
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I am not at all polite, now, to the Misses Nettingalls' young ladies, and shouldn't dote on any of them, if they were twice as many and twenty times as beautiful.
I know the Misses Osborne were excellent critics of a Cashmere shawl, or a pink satin slip; and when Miss Turner had hers dyed purple, and made into a spencer; and when Miss Pickford had her ermine tippet twisted into a muff and trimmings, I warrant you the changes did not escape the two intelligent young women before mentioned.
Smithie, and the Misses Smithie,' was the next announcement.
Miss Bulder was warmly welcomed by the Misses Clubber; the greeting between Mrs.
Yap's first two misses came with 51 seconds left with the game tied at 101.
According to Ms Maya Mallat Yassine, Corporate Senior Risk Management & Patient Safety Officer, Abu Dhabi Health Services (SEHA), Abu Dhabi, UAE, "Studying near misses allows healthcare organizations to identify and understand new problems that would not have otherwise been detected, and unveil the factors that contributed to them and how they may be prevented before harm is inflicted.
At the onset of the program, we asked for simply an increase in the number of near misses being reported and we would report out the group turning in the most near misses (e.
But total near misses - described as aircraft proximity (airprox) incidents - rose in 2010.
Research shows that for every ten near misses reported, there is often a real incident, which could result in injury.
We work under strain, work without enough staff, we don't make a fuss, we don't complain, we don't report near misses and risks because we are so busy caring for our patients.
Reickgenannt admits she was homesick the first week she was in the United States and said she still misses her family, but she said the friendships she has made have helped her acclimate to her new environment.
Dundee United defender Paul Ritchie misses out with a knee injury, along with Lee Mair and Derek McInnes.