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MISTERMentors Instructing Students Toward Effective Role (teacher recruitment program)
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Bush-dogs were dogs--he recognized them as his kind; but they were somehow different from his own lordly breed, different and lesser, just as the blacks were compared with Mister Haggin, Derby, and Bob.
Like a lioness, when the cook-boy had struck him with a stick to drive him out of the kitchen, had Biddy sprung upon the black, receiving without wince or whimper one straight blow from the stick, and then downing him and mauling him among his pots and pans until dragged (for the first time snarling) away by the unchiding Mister Haggin, who; however, administered sharp words to the cook- boy for daring to lift hand against a four-legged dog belonging to a god.
He possessed a dim, vague, imperative knowingness that it was not merely not good, but supremely disastrous, leading to the mistily glimpsed sense of utter endingness for a dog, for any dog, to go into the water where slipped and slid and noiselessly paddled, sometimes on top, sometimes emerging from the depths, great scaly monsters, huge-jawed and horribly-toothed, that snapped down and engulfed a dog in an instant just as the fowls of Mister Haggin snapped and engulfed grains of corn.
Out of the unknown, from the somewhere and something else, too unconditional for him to know any of the conditions, instantly they appeared, full-statured, walking about Meringe Plantation with loin-cloths about their middles and bone bodkins through their noses, and being put to work by Mister Haggin, Derby, and Bob.
And to the Arangi, this hot-white tropic morning, Jerry went on the whaleboat under the arm of his Mister Haggin, while on the beach Biddy moaned her woe, and Michael, not sophisticated, barked the eternal challenge of youth to the Unknown.
Oh what a worthy man he is, Mister Copperfield, but how imprudent he has been
Fatima Hussein and Sultan Humbatzade won Audience Prize, Fidan Bayramova was named Miss Charm, Aisha Isazade- Miss Fashion, Ibrahim Israfilov- Mister Fashion, Ayan Rustamzade- Miss Sport, and Muhammad Gasimzade-Mister Sport.
Bataan's John Carlo Morales was hailed Mister RP-Luzon, Lipa City's Jay Lester Abrenica was chosen Mister RP-Visayas, and Taguig City's Jedryk Costes was proclaimed Mister RP-Mindanao.
3; Raven Renz Lansangan, 2017 Mister International in Myanmar, April 30; and Sophia Senoron, 2017 Miss Multinational (date and venue still to be announced).
Mister Maker said: "It will be great to meet friends again and make new ones
Mister Car Wash said adding Car Wash Express offers an opportunity to expand in the Huntsville, Alabama market as the company continues to grow in the area.
Mini Makers' and their grown-ups will be encouraged to sing, dance, make some noise and get the chance to create a unique art work under Mister Maker's guidance.