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MISTICMid-Island Science, Technology & Innovation Council (Canada)
MISTICMichigan State Integrated Computer (1959)
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The Mistic Bridge with HAUS technology essentially is an open tank on a cig-alike battery, he adds.
When it comes to marketing and promotions, TSC Global takes a two-strategy approach: securing the best possible distribution to quality retailers and marketing the brand name Mistic to the end user, Galletly says.
Mistic has raised the bar with rain forest nectars.
First, Mistic would get a company like Clear Mountain to develop a distribution network by granting the company an exclusive franchise.
Same store sales are growing rapidly, especially for e-cigarettes like Mistic with the "razor-razorblade" model driving repeat customers back to the stores.
Two years ago Mistic and Rogers brought the merchandising idea from Mexico to Arkansas because of problems in delivery and the language barrier.
is expanding the Mistic brand with a competitively priced disposable e-cig, the Mistic Black.