MISTRManagement of Items Subject to Repair
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Esse resultado aparentemente contradiz os resultados de alguns estudos sobre o comportamento governado por regras, onde as instrucoes que descreviam apenas a resposta esperada do ouvinte exerceram fraco controle sobre seu seguimento (Braam & Malott, 1990; Mistr & Glenn, 1992; Reitman & Gross, 1996).
"Get 'em!" Mistr yelled when the ducks hit the spread.
But just as Mistr predicted, it wasn't until the fourth pass that the birds set their wings and glided r across the water to land in the rig.
Lumir Mistr put Sparta 2-0 up in the 19th minute with a header from inside the six-yard box.
To add further misery to the Irishmen, Glentoran's Darren Finlay was sent off for a foul on Mistr in the 29th minute, having already been booked.
It is also the period from which the oldest recorded melody of a secular song in Bohemia comes--the comic Czech-Latin song of the assistants to a mountebank selling ointments to Maries on their way to the Holy Sepulchre, Sed' vem prisel mistr lpokras.
1 -- -- 3 2 -- -- MISTR. 1 -- -- 2 -- -- -- BELEN 1 2 3 -- -- -- -- QUINCH.
46.4 1.0 46.4 1.2 -- -- MISTR. 67.5 1.5 59.5 1.5 7.95 1.1 PUEBL.R 47.8 1.0 47.8 1.2 -- -- SANTUAR 79.0 1.7 73.7 1.9 5.28 0.7 TOTAL.
Burian for the production Haskovy noviny [Hasek's Newspaper], for the play Mistr Pleticha on an anonymous text from the 15th century (all in 1935), for a production of Procitnuti jara [Spring Awakening] by Frank Wedekind, the dramatisation of Karel Hynek Macha's Kat [The Hangman], Pierre Auguste Caron Beaumarchais's The Barber of Seville, Burian's adaptation of Vaclav Kliment Klicpera's Kazdy neco pro vlast [Everyone does Something for His Homeland], Burian's dramatisation of Pushkin's Eugene Onegin and for Leonce and Lena by Georg Buchner (1936).
He was much taken with surviving fragments of the student satire Mastickar [The Mountebank] (also Mistr Ipokrast, mastickar drkolensky), which had originated in the Middle Ages, but was a favourite on popular stages right up to the 18th century.