MITATMinimally Invasive Therapy and Allied Technologies (journal)
MITATMolteno Institute Trypanosomal Antigen Type (cell clones)
MITATMoisture Induced Thermal Activity Trace
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In Section 2, the mechanism of MITAT is briefly described.
Different dielectric properties of cancer and normal tissues are the foundation for detection with MITAT.
Aiming to reduce the effect of acoustic heterogeneity, an iterative reconstruction method (IRM) [12] has been proposed in MITAT.
This is the reason why the W-AIC picker fails to handle the situation for picking tumors' TOFs when multiple acoustic sources are contained in a dense breast tissue in MITAT.
In this paper, in order to enhance tumor mimic target contrast and resolution, we designed a powerful MITAT system to obtain high quality signals.
This proportion relationship between the ultrasonic pressure wave source and the absorbed microwave energy distribution is important since we can transform the MITAT problem involving [phi]([?
In recent years, experiments on imaging real human tissue of MITAT have attracted lots of attentions [5,14].
In this paper, in order to validate the effectiveness and the potential in clinic diagnosis, a MITAT system has been established.
So the inverse aims involved in MITAT system are the heterogeneous medium parameters c(x), [rho](x) and the initial value f (x,t).
In this paper, we propose a new iterative method based on the TRM technique and FMM-SART algorithm to accurately reconstruct the microwave absorption properties for MITAT when the acoustic refraction is taken into account.
In MITAT system, the thermo-acoustic forward problem can be written as follows [6-10,13]: