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MITIMinistry of International Trade and Industry (Japan, now METI)
MITIMedical Imaging Technology & Informatics (Kaiser Permanente; Los Angeles, CA)
MITIMoms In Touch International
MITIMedline International Training Institute (Philippines)
MITIMyocardial Infarction Triage and Intervention
MITIMember of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (UK)
MITIManaging International Trade and Investment (university course title; various locations)
MITIModel Industrial Training Institute (India)
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With the imposition of anti-dumping duties on imports of CRSS from the alleged countries, it is expected that the issue of unfair trade practices will be addressed," the MITI added.
The feedback was informed both by the participant's self-evaluation and the objective assessment of their APE done by an expert coder using the MITI instrument.
We are very excited to launch this project in partnership with MITI to encourage and inspire next generation of innovator sand to yield significant positive results not just by enhancing training and educating but also encouraginglearners to convert their ideas into reality.
MARC notes that only the AC payments will be captured in the Financial Service Reserve Account (FSRA) to meet the financial obligations under the programme while the MC payments will be routed to an asset management account to meet the operational and maintenance requirements of the MITI office tower.
La fine del mito, continua la Micale, assume il valore di segnalare la fine di un'epoca, che aveva visto nascere e propagate quei miti.
14) Takafusa Nakamura claimed MITI exercised "strong administrative leadership" over firms that enabled them to "make daring investments in plant and equipment.
In the other transaction, Metromedia announced the acquisition by MITI of 51% of Eurodevelopment Ukraine, Ltd.
The dominant position achieved by Japanese companies occurred despite not because of MITI.
In the 1950s, MITI tried to hold back a small company named Sony, because it thought electronics would be a dead-end industry for Japan.
One area where MITI hopes to find an environmental breakthrough is biotechnology.
While recognizing that MITI has failed at times, Johnson insists that it is eminently worthwhile to have a government department staffed with elite officials to promote the country's industrial development.