MITICInternational Market for Technology & Innovation in Cinema
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Several MITIC events will showcase developments and digital cinema and digital filmmaking.
But despite being the only film festival and market that mixes technology with pics, MITIC isn't trying to outdo itself over previous markets and isn't buddying up with a flurry of dot-coms.
Of last year's MITIC exhibitors, only half are returning.
Other companies expected to set up shop at MITIC include special f/x firms L'Est, Mikros Image and Ikom, DVD producer Paris Media System, subtitler Titra Europe Holding, and post-production houses Centrimage and Kinonet, among others.
Paillard says if MITIC becomes more popular, the exhibit's organizers will designate a tent for additional vendors outside of the Palais.
MIF director Jerome Paillard believes that MITIC, now in its second year, could boost Cannes attendance by enticing a new group of industry professionals to the annual feature film bazaar.
Rex Weiner, DDA Mediatek prexy, together with VP Victoria van Ysseldyk, will be responsible for overseeing the MITIC account.
MIF director Jerome Paillard admits the decision to launch MITIC came a tad late for many post-production houses.
In a move to help clarify the various strands of MIF, Paillard has opened the MITIC doors to film commissions.
The pocket-protector set this year will be offsite in their own MITIC pavilion, between the Palais and the American Pavilion.