MITNMichigan Inter-Governmental Trade Network
MITNMichigan Information Technology Network
MITNMCOLES (Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards) Information and Tracking Network
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un do bin ikh, a nit-gedarfter, a poet bay yidn, gevaksn mitn vild-groz afnit undzer erd fun zeydes--mide vogler mit farshtoybte berd,-- vos nern zikh afshtoyb fun sforim un yeridn; un zingen zing ikh afafremder velt di trern fun vogler in a midber unter fremde shtern.] (36) In this poem of rather stark contrasts Mani Leyb engineers not a thematic but a linguistic volta: from "you" to "I." You are happy; I am weary.
Michele Aaron and Eve Sicular have written about Picon's drag roles in Yiddish film, particularly in the 1937 Yidl mitn Fidl, which was made in Poland but received wide distribution in the United States.
Under terms of the agreement, B2B Connect will leverage FiberNet's In-building Networks (FINs) and Metropolitan Transport Network (MITN) to offer its tenant customers a unique combination of Internet access, remote collaboration and IT support solutions.
Michigan,s Department of Civil Service is working with the Michigan Information Technology Network (MITN) and the Executive Education Network (EXEN) to provide its employees with live, interactive seminars from top business schools.
[A neger in mitn feld blutikt untern heln meser; shtarbt in a tamuz-togfun a heysn khalef.
Among the prominent Golden Age films produced in Poland are Der Dibuk (1937) and the four films Joseph Green produced in Poland between 1936 and 1938, Yidl Mitn Fidl, Der Purimshpiler, Mamele, and A Brivele der Mamen.
"In mitn drinen." Rudy didn't know where his brain had found this, but the words were right.
The famifiar "zolst vaksn vi a tsibele, mitn kop in dr'erd" (you should grow like an onion, with your head in the ground) is one of many such curses--too light-hearted or imaginative to feel like a real curse.
Izgekumen deryid fun der vayt in der fremd, Mit di vundikefis, mitn hartsn vos klemt, Mitn pak afn pleytse, mitn shtekn in hant, In dem nayem un frayen un rizikn land, (io) [So from afar came the Jew to this place, With his battered feet, with his heart in a vise, With his pack on his shoulders, his staff in his hand, To this new and free and gigantic land.] (trans.
Shoyn bald tsayt tsu gefinen khotsh etlekhe verter, Vos zoln zayn azoy doyrevdik, Vi der shotn fun tatn Af dem frish-gefalenem shney Fartog, ven er firt dos yingele, Mitn gefroyrn nezl un brenendike oyern, In shul arayn davnen.