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MITRAMaximal Individual Therapy in Acute Myocardial Infarction (study)
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Mitra assists customers by learning about their preferences, and on subsequent visits makes contextual suggestions.
This is one of several dreamlike reveries into which Mitra falls while preparing her film.
The WBC is the oldest and most prestigious, boxing organization in the world with many countries-commissions as members, Mitra noted.
Mitra has met with UNICEF to prepare for field trials of the product, which costs about 10 cents per application and has been dubbed DipTreat, as it is simply dipped into water.
Mitra had gone to Mc Donalds with his wife in 2005 where he participated in the contest McDonald's Ghar Bulao
Mitra, has sought a parole from April 10 to 22 so that he can address rallies in his constituency and try to convince people that he has been arrested due to a political conspiracy.
Mitra a proponent of the Self Organised Learning Environment (Sole) believes that current educational methods are rapidly becoming outdated and urgently need to be replaced.
For RV Mitra, he needed to make this change, applying new methods to supplement his profession.
Since then, Prof Mitra has become more ambitious, using his TED award in 2013 to build seven "schools in the cloud", where children from across the planet can teach themselves anything, and then teach what they know to their friends.
At TED2013, Mitra made a bold TED Prize wish: Help me build a place where children can explore and learn on their own -- and teach one another -- using resources from the worldwide cloud.
Mitra made it to the invitationals and the semifinals, but wasn't one of the 10 chosen finalists.
Sugata Mitra, who specialises in educational technology at Newcastle University, was included in the prestigious CNN 10: Thinkers list.