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Larry Craig, 64, a longtime systems coordinator for Central Lane 911 and a board member at MIUSA, was busy trying to add parts to a wheelchair frame Hansen found on eBay for $50.
Federal and state laws set stringent standards for making a MIUSA claim.
When my VR counselor and I wrote up my educational/ vocational plan in February 1999, I was in the process of applying for the MIUSA exchange program.
In 1997, MIUSA held its first WILD event, giving 30 disabled women activists with many different disabilities the chance to come together.
They did it - Sygall even won election to the international group's board of directors - and the two women got back in the van and drove back to Oregon to get MIUSA rolling.
Call the MIUSA office at Tel/TTY (541) 343-1284 or visit www.
MIUSA will lead a delegation of young adults with disabilities from New York City on the 2010 U.
Since 1981, MIUSA has offered international exchange programs for youths, adults, and professionals with and without disabilities.
Guided by the MIUSA philosophy--"challenge yourself and change the world"--our group started on our long journey.
MIUSA (Mobility International USA) is currently accepting applications from young people with disabilities to take part in an international exchange program (U.
Since 1981, MIUSA has offered international educational exchanges for individuals with and without disabilities--including teenagers--from more than 20 countries.