MIWMine Warfare
MIWMichigan in Washington (Michigan and Washington, DC)
MIWMost Influential Women (annual magazine)
MIWMake It Work
MIWMusic Industry Workshop (Chicago, IL)
MIWMotionless in White (band)
MIWMan in White (Family Guy episode)
MIWMisconduct Involving Weapons
MIWMinimum Income Widow/er (US DoD Survivor Benefit Plan)
MIWMediterranean Intermediate Water (oceanography)
MIWMental Inquest Warrant
MIWMobile Information Worker
MIWModernization Input Worksheet
MIWMarketing Information Warehouse
MIWMechanical Impact Wrench
MIWMen in White Painting Service Pty Ltd
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MIW Radio Group spokeswoman Denyse Mesnik added, "Rising Through the Ranks is perfectly aligned with the MIW Group's mission of mentoring and inspiring women in radio broadcasting.
MIW will be rolling out 100 outdoor water fountains around the capital in an effort to cut down on the number of plastic bottles being used in the city.
MIW started Monday the 25-year joint venture between state-owned Metro Iloilo Water District (MIWD) and Metro Pacific Water (MPC), a subsidiary of MetroPac.
The initial screening of 100 miw provided data that evidence some of the adversity they confront and helped in the selection of positive deviants: women with the most severe and higher number of adverse events experienced and highest level of wellbeing.
Navy mine warfare (defining "politics" as who gets what, when, where, and how) is fraught with insufficiently sustained and stable commitment, relatively long periods of benign neglect, indifference, uncertainty, and inadequate funding, punctuated by relatively short bursts of grave concern and avid support, usually directly related to some recently experienced MIW embarrassment.
Fourth, if one assumes that future MIW engagements that entail building a partner's capacity will resemble OEF-P [Operation Enduring Freedom--Philippines], it is important to manage strategic expectations based on realistic assessments of the partner's capabilities....
The new product combines pre-treatment methodology with membrane technologies specifically suited for AMD and MIW treatment.
We suppose that the collector is a pump circulating the water at a rate miw by virtue of its Boussinesq buoyant pressure ([[rho].sub.in]-[[rho].sub.out]-mean) g(rl)sin(L[degrees]).
Throughout testing, temperature variations due to the applied loading, on the AE/extensometer-free face of the specimen, were monitored by an infrared thermography camera (CEDIP, MIW).
Gurgaon, India, November 29, 2012 --(PR.com)-- MIW Foundation with support of Supreme Infrastructure India Limited has organized and conducted a free medical camp at NBCC Greens, Garhi Road, Sector 37D, Gurgaon (Haryana) on 24th November 2012.The Camp started at 9.00 am and provided free medical checkups to more than 500 people, hailing from nearby areas.
New Delhi, July 20 -- A mega health checkup camp was conducted for the economically weaker section of our society by MIW FOUNDATION with support of SUPREME INFRASTRUCTURE INDIA LIMITED on 19th July, 2012 in remote area of Delhi as an initiative to make healthier nation by providing basic health care to the underserved masses of the society, and working towards the upliftment of poor, weak and needy multitudes in order to celebrate the spirit of humanity in its true sense.
Mormon Island West (MIW) and Windmill #1 (WM1) were selected as pseudo-controls to monitor abiotic and biotic changes in a geographically proximate and similar sized barrow pit during this evaluation (Figure 1).