MIWDMetro Iloilo Water District (Philippines)
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MIWD was previously criticized for failing to hold a public hearing for its proposed service fee hike.
The project involves the takeover of a joint venture company of the MIWD and MWIC of the operation and maintenance of distribution facilities.
The Maasin dam is the major source of water of the MIWD.
In following discussion, some properties of the MIWD with the finite components are given.
Consumers were left waterless for 3 days, 2 weeks ago after bulk water suppliers cut off supply to the MIWD over arrears.
It will enable the Metro Iloilo Bulk Water Supply Corp (MIBWSC), which is a joint venture company of MIWD and private firm, to bring an additional 7,000 to 9,000 cubic meters of water.
It is not intended to replace MIWD nor is it a precursor for the latter's abolition.
He pointed out that the respondents refunded the amount paid to them to the MIWD.
Ilonggo tycoon Rogelio Florete, chair and president of FLO, is demanding that MIWD pay at least P103 million in water supply that MIWD claimed has not been distributed to consumers.
Water supply for most MIWD consumers have been reduced to three to four days per week from seven to nine hours per day.
Edgar Calasara, MIWD officer in charge, said the supply of water from an intake dam in a village of Maasin town, the main source of water being supplied by MIWD, has dropped sharply.
Edgar Calasara, MIWD acting manager, said the rationing started yesterday, April 16 as water supply from the district's reservoir in Maasin town is drying up.