MIWGMichigan Wing (Civil Air Patrol)
MIWGMission Integration Working Group (NASA)
MIWGMuseum of Isle of Wight Geology (UK)
MIWGMultinational Interoperability Working Group
MIWGMental Illness Work Group (various locations)
MIWGManufacturing Infrastructure Working Group (advocacy group; North Carolina)
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Most of the macro remains discussed here are accessioned in the collections of the Natural History Museum, London (BMNH), the University of Cambridge (CAMZ) or in the collections of the Isle of Wight County Museum Service (MIWG and IWCMS).
Tentatively referred material not included in the original description: MIWG 2756 (Fig.
In MIWG 2756 the maximum basal diameter of the crown is also orientated mesiodistally and at 11 mm falls within the range recorded for Caulkicephalus.