MIWOMagyar Idegenforgalmi Web Oldal (Hungarian: Online Hunagarian Hotel Guide)
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In the proposed MIWO, a mutation process in the calculation of SD is added; this allows a larger dispersion of seeds around the parent plant.
In order to assess the performance of the proposed MIWO for the synthesis of linear arrays, two examples have been chosen and presented.
2, the cosecant pattern is obtained using MIWO by determining both amplitude and phase of the array elements, when the optimal values are tabulated in Table I.
In order to evaluate the capabilities of the proposed method, a good instantiation of the design problem is solved using our MIWO, ACO [8], PSO [9], and CLPSO [18].
As it can be seen, the best design is obtained by MIWO when a minimum SLL is lower than--19.06 dB with a beamwidth close to that of the uniform array.
1,950 square meters roof insulation 26 cm miwo wlg 037.
dismantling facade lift, - 8 500 kg dismantling rail system facade lift, - 840 m 2 demolition roof seals with insulation, - 17 m dismantling gutter, - 870 m 2 elastomer bitumen membranes with miwo insulation, - 200 m roof edge sealing, - 4 st.
execution works are: - 1 heat exchanger, - 1 pressure holding and degassing station, - 8 circulation pumps, - 32 steel tube radiators, - 8 flat radiators, - 4700 m steel pipeline, - 4700 m miwo insulation, - 324 radiant ceiling panels.
760 sqm miwo wlg 035, 24 cm, - 125 sqm base insulation eps wlg 035, - about 760 square meters of organic cement-free reinforcement, - approx.
- about 2 900 m 2 etics (miwo) with different strengths, - 127.5 m aluminum window sill, - approx.
6 904 square meters of false floor insulation miwo - trapezoidal sheeting / concrete workshop + canopies, - approx.