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MIZMusikinformationszentrum (German: German Music Information Center)
MIZMarginal Ice Zone
MIZMuseum and Institute of Zoology (Poland)
MIZMobile-Immobile-Zone (physical partitioning model)
MIZMultipoint Indicate Zero-Communication
MIZMetropolitan Influenced Zone (statistical classification; Canada)
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v=3w7Vp0rc64o) Interview with The Miz (Credit: YouTube/ChampChong)
The Miz made his rounds on the reality TV circuit, including four seasons of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge Bravo's Battle of the Network Reality Stars, and as a competitor on a special edition of Fear Factor.
1) Sheamus (2) The Miz (3) Chris Jericho CALL 0900 586 6727 and follow instructions (61p/min) OR TEXT the word DRCOMP, followed by a space, then your answer (1, 2 or 3), your name, full address including postcode and email address to 85858 (pounds 1.
I always tell people that if you've never seen it, it's basically a live event with a storyline and these characters," says The Miz, 31, who hails from Cleveland and whose real name is Mike Mizanin.
Few people could endure being heckled by a baying mob of 10,000, night in, night out but The Miz - in Abu Dhabi ahead of the 'Raw World Tour' - laps up every single boo and hiss directed at him.
Miz Mandy co-wrote the majority of the tracks on 'Today's the Day' with producer, Patricio Pickslay.
On the basis of the MIZ values obtained, Copper sulfate had shown superior antifungal activity compared to chlorhexidine.
Logan's adventures include encounters with a number of eccentric bayou characters, including the superstitious Miz DeeDee, the educated thief Professor Burl, and Lester Benoit, the braggart deputy sheriff.
Miz Falcnor and Steadman Francis are receiving extra attention since their images were put up in lights at Coventry Sports and Leisure Centre.
Of the entire sequence of eight paragraphs, only the first and the last refer to the lovers, the other six representing Nathan as slave and Miz Lorraine as Mistress (167-71).
Miz Cricket hopped out of her crack in the fireplace hearth.
My favorite Sunday evening was at Miz Tee Kelly's, whose fried chicken and biscuits and sweet potato pone nobody else has ever matched.