MJAMedical Journal of Australia
MJAMethanococcus Jannaschii
MJAMaatschappelijke Jongeren Actie (Dutch: Social Youth Action; Brussels, Belgium)
MJAMaster of Justice Administration (Methodist University and Norwich University)
MJAMarsden Jacob Associates (Australia)
MJAModern Jesus Army
MJAMicrojet Array
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The MJA aims to streamline the process and continues the recent trend to limit the role of the convening authority.
According to the company, the MJA series PET heavy wall jar redefined eco-friendly packaging.
MJA: And which are the most unequal countries according to that definition and why are they so unequal?
The MJA series is available in four sizes: 10-, 15-, 30- and 50ml, and is recommended for products including eye cream, night or day cream, lip balm and capsules.
Carol Bennett, CEO of Consumers Health Forum, told the MJA that the loss of experienced health journalists had weakened the coverage of complex issues.
Multilateral Remote Joint Analysis (MJA) System Model of digital forensics, suggested in this study, is a forensics model which is applied to M2M case with the consideration of supervising on initial detection of design defects affecting the ESI(Electronically Stored Information) in the cases [14], to draw the best analysis result by remote-sharing experiences and knowledge among the each area's experts on the specific case, with the focus on getting M2M product design defects considered by understanding proactive control variables with utilizing the remote-control and remote-video-conference technology, and remote-operating the analysis system.
The residents, most of them army officers and generals, who live in buildings near the MJA, said in their complaints that Nour and Mahfouz had used insulting words in describing the military.
Calling it "unacceptable" the MJA said police action amounts to intimidation and harassment of journalists.
During the initial session, MJA's mother stated that her youngest daughter had suffered from severe anxiety for the past year.
MJA will create a blueprint for the plan that the City hopes will spawn further success and spread to larger areas.
When I arrived, it was packed with a colourful congregation, mainly made up of mJA members.
MJA chief Sajid Mir and senator-elect Hafiz Abdul Karim presented shields to the Imam for his services for Islam.