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MJCModesto Junior College (Modesto, CA)
MJCMaryland Jockey Club (Baltimore, MD)
MJCMeridian Junior College (Singapore)
MJCMaison de la Jeunesse et de la Culture
MJCMilitary Junior College
MJCModern Jazz Classics
MJCMajor Collector (State highway information)
MJCMinnesota Judicial Center
MJCMontgomery Junior College
MJCMaster Job Catalog
MJCMilitia of Jesus Christ
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MJC Partners is acting as sole placement agent for the offering.
The values of R of the four methods (JC, MJC, Arrhenius-type, and DMNR) are 0.
With other developments in the pipeline for Philippine football in the area, the San Lazaro Leisure and Business Park is proud to take its place as a mecca of football in this country,' MJC president Alfonso G.
MJC also added that Allam's peace mission was tainted by his endorsement of death sentences given to Egyptians and required his approval before being issued.
It states: "She alleged it was common knowledge, although it didn't happen to her, that MJC had men back to his flat and then cajoled children from the home to have sex with them.
Committed to society's welfare Dear Sir, Gulf Times Further to MJC Nair's letter, "A model annual day for schools" (, February 28), I would like to say that the event was made a success by the hard work of each and every one of the teaching and non-teaching staff of the Noble International School with constant and continued guidance of the management committee, Noble Indian Educational Society.
Temperature data ([degrees]C) and %RH were obtained with digital thermometer-hygrometer monitors in CS, CV and MJC sectors of the seedling production unit and correlated with the number of fungus gnats per sector of the nursery (Pearson, P [less than or equal to] 0.
The CP Bigwood team: Mike Ward, Rory Daly, Nigel Curry and Nick Fairlie The Kraft Foods team: Robert Lawton, Russell Jackson, Wayne Garside and Saxon Tovey S & U team: Gareth Onions, Bernard Gallacher and Anthony Coombs The St James's Place Wealth Management team: Josh Thorley, Scott Priestly, Gordon Withers and Kevin Hyland The MJC Group team: James Hosking, Martin Crump, Kay Tonkinson and Jon Rose The Grevayne Properties team: Victor Young, Mark Ellis, Graham Coombs and Jon Collis
The MJC range of reverse jet tubular bag dust collectors was developed for continuous operation in industrial process filtration and dust collection applications.
MJC, Teesville * * * * * * FOR a number of years now I have been involved with Neighbourhood Watch and past experience has shown that Saturday night and early Sunday morning is a very difficult time to get a prompt response from the police because of the heavy workload at weekends, however I do report all crime and just hope there may be somebody available to deal with it.
FormFactor and Micronics Japan Co Ltd and its wholly-owned subsidiary MJC Electronics Corporation have entered into an agreement that settles the patent disputes between them, including the litigation pending in the US District Court for the Northern District of California relating to the alleged infringement of FormFactor's US Patent Nos.
Also, the MJC is aware of incidents involving physical attacks against court officers, probation officers, prosecutors and defense counsel, and acts of intimidation against witnesses and jurors," the report states.