MJHMelissa Joan Hart (actress)
MJHMartha Jefferson Hospital (Charlottesville, VA)
MJHMuseum of Jewish Heritage
MJHMiddle/Junior High
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The integration of these brands will complement the existing MJH portfolio and, together, significantly extend access and engagement with meaningful health content.
(31.) Peters MJH, Van Nes SI, Vanhoutte EK, Bakkers M, Van Doorn PA, Merkies ISJ, et al.
(20.) K Begum, MK Begum, ZH Sarker, MRK Dewan, MJH Siddique.
An infrared jammer, the MJH, is mounted on top of the vehicle turret and generates false infrared signals so that IR-guided antitank missiles are lured as the guidance unit "sees" the missile in the wrong place and generates wrong guidance signals.
OT and MJH conceived and designed the study in collaboration with RMA and KAB.
MJH and AS: For more than ten years, we have been having Sex in the Library with students, teachers, parents, administrators, and other librarians: Talking about the latest in steamy books for teens.
The partnership of Horn's MJH Birchwood, Belvedere Capital Real Estate Partners and Angelo Gordon & Co.
In einem einleitenden Teil werden die bisherigen Standpunkte zur Bedeutung des Begriffes ,,Mil-lionenjahrhaus" (Mjh.) referiert sowie die Methode dargelegt, nach der vorgegangen werden soil.