MJIMichigan Judicial Institute (Lansing, MI)
MJIMoskowitz Jacobs, Inc. (White Plains, NY)
MJIMichigan Jewish Institute (Oak Park, MI)
MJIMagister Juris Internationalis (law degree)
MJIModel Jury Instructions
MJIMasyarakat Jeruk Indonesia (Indonesian: Orange Community Indonesia)
MJIMedical Journals Index
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Founded in 2016, MJI serves as the legal arm of MCPP, representing Mississippians whose state or federal Constitutional rights have been threatened by government actions.
Later, Baloglu (2002) and Mji and Onwuegbuzie (2004) found support for the concurrent and construct validity of the STARS.
Dado que los datos disponibles no presentan el MJI para una longitud dentro del territorio colombiano, se construyo el IMJ para 80[grados]W utilizando interpolacion lineal entre el IMJ de 120[grados]W y 60[grados]W denominandolo IMJ80.
ield Jock, p to Do It Southf run ner-up ting the standard less t ha separa nersS do siv mJi For Twiggy last year, remains on course to go one better after setting on a night when n two lengths ated all the winon the clock.
Further evidence of the company's commitment to technical support can be found within its multiple worldwide training facilities, offering Engineering Construction Industry Training Board approved (ECITB) mechanical joint integrity (MJI) training courses.
They created such settlements as Mji wa Mombasa ("Little Mombasa") and Mji wa Unguja ("Little Zanzibar").
Stone Town is also known as Mji Mkongwe, Swahili for old town, it is located on the western coast of Unguja island.
Kohlberg (1984) focused on analyzing the rationale participants would provide for various types of moral dilemmas in the moral judgment inventory (MJI), most famously, the Heinz dilemma.
He begins with the consequences of colonial 'native'/ 'non-native' designations (Chapter 1) to wenye mji (owners of the town) versus newcomers in the 1930s (Chapter 2), and to productively employed and thus legitimate town residents versus wahuni (hooligans) who were subject to repatriation to rural areas in the 1950s (Chapter 3).
There was, however, a new generation of black doctors who had qualified from Wits in the 1940s and 1950s, such as Wilson Conco, Dilizintaba Mji, Ntatho Motlana and James Njongwe, who joined Mandela in the Defiance Campaign and pursued the new radical agenda of the ANC, thus taking over the baton of political leadership from the first generation of ANC doctors.
The challenge of poor English language backgrounds and the unavailability of bilingual learning material contribute to the poor performances of learners in key learning areas such as mathematics (Botes & Mji, 2010; Setati, 2008).