MJIBMinistry of Justice, Investigation Bureau (Taiwan)
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KMT lawmakers said that any withdrawal of at least NT$500,000 had to be reported to the MJIB anti-money laundering center, while the maximum limit for cash to be taken out of the country stood at NT$100,000.
Ordinance", MJIB is responsible for the investigation on violations
However, last April, MJIB was notified that the group had entered the U.S.
The NSB chief traveled to Taiwan on July 9 at the head of a delegation to personally hand a 'certificate of appreciation' to the MJIB, the Taiwanese service said in a news release Friday (July 12).
The MJIB task force will be investigating news and entertainment media companies in Taiwan in an effort to tamp down on misinformation, and fake news designed to mislead voters.
The MJIB has reportedly already set up special taskforces to tackle the different topics, from 'fake news' to the funneling of funds into Taiwan, the Central News Agency reported.
Taiwan law enforcement agencies, including the MJIB, the CIB, Customs, and the Coast Guard Administration work together, as well as with numerous Hong Kong-based U.S.
The actions of the MJIB and of the NSB are clearly unconstitutional and illegal, and amount to a kind of collective criminal action, Yang said.
Aided by two colleagues from MJIB, Tsai prepared Taiwanese cuisine for the International Night event, including Kaoliang liquor, Zongzi, and the so-called 'thousand-year eggs.'
The Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau (MJIB), the National Police Administration/Criminal Investigation Bureau (NPA/CIB), Coast Guard Administration, and Customs all contributed to counternarcotics efforts in 2009.
Co-hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau (MJIB) and the AIT, Tuesday's event is the 12th such workshop under the framework.
Eight people were arrested in Taipei and Taichung on June 13, on suspicion of a fraud amassing NT$1.5 billion (US$49.5 million) said the Ministry of Justice's Investigation Bureau (MJIB) yesterday.